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Adventure Tour: Winter Kamchatka

Kamchatka, winter. Adventure travel

Kamchatka, winter: volcanoes and snow. Adventure tour

Kamchatka, winter. Adventure tour. Volcano Gorelyy. Lake

Kamchatka, winter. Adventure tour. Volcano Gorelyy, crater 1

Kamchatka, winter. Adventure tour. Volcano Gorelyy

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Adventure Tour to Winter Kamchatka:
wild nature, snow and volcanoes
Adventure Tour

Adventure Tours to Kamchatka: volcano


Winter Kamchatka, adventure tour

Day 1: Meeting at the airport, transfer to the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (25 km). Accommodation at a hotel, rest. In the evening - excursion to Paratunka resort center, swimming in thermal water pool.

Day 2: Driving to Frosty Mountain downhill ski center (30 km). Downhill skiing, snowboarding, or cross-country skiing on a groomed ski trail. Afternoon tour to Zelenovsk Lakes hot springs, swimming in thermal  sulfurous hot springs. Returning to the hotel.

Day 3: One-day snowmobile tour (6 – 7 hours) to the foot of Avachinsky volcano.

Kamchatka, winter. Adventure tour. Sled dogs
Kamchatka, winter. Sled dogs

 Day 4: Driving to Malkinskie hot springs (120 km). Swimming, returning to the hotel.

Day 5: Dog- sledge tour  (3 hours), excursion around the Kamchatka sled dog farm. Afternoon tour to the Pacific coast. Walking along the sea shore.

Day 6: City-tour including visit to the Local History and Culture Museum, to Mokhovoy sea pier, watching sea lions.

Day 7: Excursion-free day. Helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers provided there is an opportunity to join the group of tourists.

Day 8: Visit to the Fish Market. Purchase of Kamchatka souvenirs. Transfer to the airport.

Kamchatka, winter. Adventure tour. Sea lions
Kamchatka, winter. Sea lions

If the weather is favorable, a helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers is arranged for an extra fee (provided there is a group of tourists wishing to make it).

1. Accommodation at a hotel 3*, (DBL), breakfast included.
2. Guide service for the tour.
3. Transportation for the tour except the excursion-free day.
5. Admission to the museum.
6. Dog- sledge tour.
7. Snowmobile tour.

Services for extra fees:
1. Lunches and dinners
2. Rental of downhill equipment
3. Admission to swimming pools

Kamchatka, winter. Adventure tour. The sea
Kamchatka, winter. The sea

From Winter Kamchatka, Russia. Adventure tour

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