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There are many quaint attractions in India. For example, these unaccustomed Sex Temples in Khajuraho - here are 20 temples, decorated with sex sculptures. And these unusual temples are well known tourist site.

Khajuraho Temples are exotic and nice

The sex sculptures. Wall art

Kandariya Mahadeva temple. Khajuraho temples, India. Sex sculptures
Sex sculptures on the wall
of the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple,  Khajuraho

The sex sculptures. Khajuraho temple of Love
The sex sculptures on the wall of the temple of Love Khajuraho

The walls of the Khajuraho temples are luxuriantly decorated with art carved sculptures. Whilst Khajuraho temples are famous for their sexual sculptures, sexual themes are covering less than 10% of the temples walls art. Further, most sexual images are balanced with the non- sex images. The topics of wall sculpture art cover numerous details of human life and values are major in Hindu pantheon.

Khajuraho temple of Love photos

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